Bardehle Technologie

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Ahead about wave-length in micro drizzling

By a water jet in a tube air becomes aspirated and accelerated. The accelerated air entrains generated water drops by leaving the tube. By means of big air volume and high air speed the IDS-Jet nozzle is able to transport the microsized water drops about 6 to 18 m through the air.


Throwing range about 16 m, water consumption 11 l/min, jet nozzle about 7 m over ground, resultant water surface 2.000 m²



Manual high pressure technology


electric high pressure pump         fuel driver high pressure pump             fuel driver high pressure pump




                manual extinguisher device IDS-P 140, full water jet 170 bar, 11,6 l/min and spray jet 170 bar, 11,6 l/min  




             clip on reeling drum 30m                                            tube reeling drum 80m




                      immersion jet pump 4m tube                                          suction tube 160mmø 7,6m                   



Technical Data IDS-T

Operating Pressure

60 - 170 bar 

Extinguishing agent


Interspace of jet nozzles

6 m (variable)

Length of segment

60 m (variable)

Total length of extinction


Dimension of piping

DN 80 mm

Resultant water surface
each segment

20.000 m²/min 

Smoke washing

20 m³/min each jet nozzle, 200 m³/min each segment

Air cooling

400 kW (by evaporation) each jet nozzle 4.000 kW (by evaporation) each segment

Manual operation

optimum: hydrant every 15 m, no necessity to operate main pumps  

Water consumption

7,5 to 11,5 l/min each jet nozzle

Size of water drop 

35/100  mm (35µm),          size of droplet not respirable

Cleanliness of water 

drinking water quality or filtered


Smoke washing  

performance to be doubled without increased consumption