Multifunctional container for disaster
 Multifunctional container as a basis for
  • fire
  • Oil and chemical accidents
  • Disinfections and decontamination

  • Water emergency supply

  • Pumping off (water, mud, chemicals)

  • Insect control (mosquitoes, grasshoppers, etc.)

  • Dust control

The container contains about 20 pcs. Self-sufficient extinguishers that can give off spray water and refill yourself.

It is easier and cheaper to equip and operate 60 people with 20 IDS and HD * fire extinguishers, and to use 20 fire trucks.

IDS with HD extinguishers can be operated by skilled personnel, adolescents and women after brief instruction.

Only the means of transport have to be organized on site. The payload would have to be approx. 500 kg - 1000 kg. There are wheel loaders, picups, tractors, cars with trailers, trucks and horse-drawn vehicles.

Only the means of transport have to be organized on site. The payload would have to be approx. 500 kg - 1000 kg. There are wheel loaders, picups, tractors, cars with trailers, trucks and horse-drawn vehicles.

The extinguishing performance of IDS nozzles is 11.6 L / min when the pump is fully set per IDS-P. Approx. 2000m² / min water surface, which results in the use of 20 devices about 40.000m² / min water surface which is applied simultaneously.

Container content 20 feet

The equipment is applicable to fire, oil spills, disinfection, decontamination.

  • 20 extinguishing units

  • Power supply by units (light) for containers

  • Technique corner with vise for easy repairs
  • 3 x smallest petrol pumps

  • 28 Big Bags
  • 24 folding tanks  

  • including one for the container roof as a washing opportunity

  • 3 tanks for feeders

  • Sanitary facility for associations and minor accidents

  • Reserve extinguishing agent QF

  • 1 conductor

  • 5 pcs. Chainsaws with accessories

    A self-sufficient deletion unit consists of:

  • 1 water tank Foldable 500L or 1000L per order,

  • 2 big bags before helicopter and crane transport

  • 1 IDS-P and double lance with flat and spot jet for oil and chemical applications

  • 1 HP * fuel pump with injector mixing 9.5 HP, on request diesel pump

  • 1 HD * hose reel 100 with 2 x 50m hose lengths

  • 1 HD * Injector submersible pump for tank filling, pumping out dirty water, oil and water-soluble chemicals

  • 3 pairs of gloves with high cuffs and 3 simple oil resistant work gloves

  • 5L reserve canister,

  • 5L QF extinguishing agent canister

  • bucket

  • 1 filling funnel for manual pump filling

  • 1 shovel

  • 1 light hoe

  • 1 light ax with long handle

  • Made to order light oil barriers including air pump

  • 3 persons

  • Pump man, hose man, 1 man to IDS-P

* HD = high pressure


Application for Fire Elimination in Tunnels

The Jet Nozzle Fire Elimination Plant is composed of a pressurized service pipe with connected jet nozzles.

Operation of jet nozzle can be controlled manual or electro mechanic for each segment.

Each 60-m-segment with usual 10 IDS-jet nozzles can be operated particular. (see figure 1)

 Figure 1


Figure 2: Usual installation of a 60 m segment equipped with 10 jet nozzles


     Figure 2      

The IDS-Jet Nozzles generate spray jets with micro sized water drops, with a horizontal range of 15 m

(see figure 3). By mind of expansion of the 15 m spray jets range a calculated coverage of two times comes up to extinguishing area. Considering utilization of tunnel specific drift sphere of action can be multiplied.

Segments in standard configuration with 80 mm service pipe form a protection range up to 2.400 m, served by a one high pressure pump system.

This configuration allows simultaneous operation of five free selectable segments.


             Figure 2b


Figure 2: By the service 5 segments with 10 IDS each can be operated at any time. Further configuration for example with other dimensioned service line are easy possible.

Figure 2 b shows a 2.400 m section served by an 80 mm service line. Plant exists of 40 segments each with 5 segments in operation at a time.

                            Figure 3

By horizontal positioned micro spraying the unique effect in fire elimination becomes achieved by very little water consumption. Even whilst brake down of ventilation plant or for tunnel without ventilation plant operation of IDS-T Jet Nozzles generate a directed air flow through the tunnel. By mind of this advantage pipe dimension of 80 mm are sufficient.

Wall hydrants easy to be integrated in this plant technique. They become served by pressure controlled pump systems without operation of main pumps of fire elimination plant.

Air washing volume by one IDS-Jet Nozzle in average is 20 m³/min. In case of fire IDS-Jet Nozzle also take heavily effect for smoke cleaning for safe of health. Pressure fluctuations within pressure operation range don’t cause impairment of Jet Nozzle System function.

By specific proportioning device agents to be added to spay water, e.g. fuel and oil fire fighting or disinfecting agent.

IDS-Jet nozzle are also able for foam generating by specific agents. The fire extinguishing agent ,recommended by the manufacturer, reduces the ignitability of burning materials and causes even oil bio-degradable. It is dermatologic harmless and is bio-degradable itself.

In mind of the extremely flexibility of IDS-Jet Nozzle System there is a wide application range for customer specific configuration.  Don’t hesitate asking us in case of need of special application.


Advantage of Jet Nozzle Systems

  1. Cost-efficient
  2. Simple erection
  3. Simple re-fitting
  4. Simple operation
  5. Little required space
  6. Little water consumption and little energy consumption by this
  7. Little pump performance
  8. Manageable maintenance
  9. High operation reliability
  10. High safety redundancy
  11. Smoke cleaning
  12. High efficiency fire elimination by big water surface
  13. High air cooling capacity
  14. Recommended extinguishing agent keeps out breaking fuels and oil unignitable and bio-degradable
  15. Generates directed air flow in tunnel without ventilation plant
  16. Generates directed air flow in tunnel in case of breakdown of ventilation plan