Pest management / Disinfection

Application in plant protection with HD nozzles



conversion kit for barrel sprayingUmrüstsatz für Fassspritze

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Application for disinfection with lime


                                  Disinfection and decontamination

                                          Bardehle HD technology lime

                                                                                                                                                                       *high pressure
Barn disinfection in application with lime and high-pressure cleaner (also standard agent)

                    Wet spraying of dry lime with operating high pressure cleaner

Calcium-containing water pH 12.6 is foliar, severely damaging bacteria, viruses, fungi, fungal spores, animal pests found on surfaces. Calcified water does not harm plants.

                             Lime has no effect and no toxicity after drying

We deliver upgrade kit for high pressure cleaners and high pressure pumps:

                       1x pH test paper

                       1x hand lance IDS-K with E-handle, 4.3 l-7.4 l / min, 50 bar - 150 bar

                       1x automatic device, battery operation with connection hose for IDS-K

                       Dust ejection 3 levels approx. 70g, 150g, 350g / min (also dry application)

                       Injector for water inlet, high pressure cleaner for wetting agent admixture

                       *HD quick coupling for retrofitting handle / hose


                Apply hydrated lime, quicklime and other mineral dusts

Disinfection with lime divorced only in the wet state. The moisture must be min. 30 minutes.

Tocknet the wet lime before abzufützen no re-wetting. The disinfection must be restarted.

The ideal disinfection with * HD nozzles is after cleaning the barns on the damp surfaces and equipment. The * HD nozzles also disinfect the slurry surfaces under the slats by the rotating water jet. Outdoor use even in the rain. (Control by pH paper, veterinary service)

Checking the application lime                (Lime can be ineffective)

Mix 1 liter of working water with approx. 2g of lime or more. Immediately pH 12,6 must be produced on the pH paper (more lime does not distort the value).

Lime is ineffective under the pH value of 11.


 applying amounts

For every 1 liter of water we recommend a minimum addition of 20g of lime, more is not harmful, but makes a slight lime film on surfaces after drying.


Safety instructions for burned lime products must be observed.

Storage: Due to the CO 2 binding, the containers must be sealed airtight. This also works in every crop.

                                                                                                                          Carsten Bardehle